This is inspired by Derek Sivers's now page. You should get one too!

Last updated: 16.09.2020

I've recently started a new position as the developer advocate for Lightrun. It's a mixture of tech, writing and community - and I'm uber-excited. Going great so far!

I'm continuing my teaching - I will help teach a p5.js class for the master's program at IDC's MiLab, as well as a hardware prototyping class in the second semester.

I have paused my weight-losing journey for now, after shedding 30 (!) pounds. I am thinking about the next personal development goal for a while now, and got a few ideas. :)

I don't read as much as I hoped I would, but one book that's following me around for a couple months now and refusing to end (or, rather, I'm refusing to stop reading it) is The Phoenix Project. Highly recommended, even if you're not a DevOps professional.