My Name is Tom - Pleasure!

A few words about me, where I come from and the things I value.

I moved around disciplines quite a bit in my life. While currently gainfully employed as a Director of DevRel at Lightrun, in my previous iterations I was an industry 4.0 SRE, a hedge fund analyst for the first and largest Israeli FoF, and an army captain in a combat support role.

I also dabble in teaching, usually a few different classes a year in the MiLab Media Lab @ IDC Herzliya.


I have a true love for personal e-mail, and have dozens of people I've gathered over the years that I communicate with via that medium. From friends I met long ago, through colleagues from previous jobs to people I've met while roaming the internet - I keep in touch, and do so constantly and with vigor. It's my secret superpower, and one of the things that define me as a person.

If you want us to get to know one another, over practically any topic (my range is pretty large), knock on my door by emailing tom at this website (without the blog subdomain, though). I answer everything, although expect a 24-48 hours delay, depending on the load of the day and the time difference).


The single greatest asset you have as a knowledge worker is your ability to clearly articulate the things you know, in a way that makes sense to people who are not in the know. Be diligent about it, and you'd be surprised as to how far you will be able to get - not only in your career, but also in your life.

I think through writing, and up until not a very long time ago mostly in private. I felt as if the things I maintain privately are just that - private, and personal, and won't be of use by anyone else.

I'm now trying to amend that, one blog post at a time.


I'm obsessed with tracking, and have been for years. I track my weight, my finances, what I eat, what I work on, and (up until not long ago) every minute of my day. I am now in optimisation mode - only tracking things I actively use, instead of dumping everything on paper out of habit.

I urge you to try tracking more of your life. If you want a hand getting started, email me. Trust me, it's worth it.

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